The 15 Best Productivity Blogs to Read in 2023


Productivity blogs & other related content gained infamy with the advent of the internet. Things were a little different several decades ago; the management formula was old; people truly believed in the “Just Do It” mantra.

This concept was applied to various work circles, as managers believed in getting things done as challenges came by.

However, productivity went up and down a slippery slope as technology innovated things. Right now, we got a boatload of shindigs to deal with, but we don’t know how to get on about it.

An average manager, professional or an ordinary white-collar guy reportedly has a lot to deal with, but not a proper plan to execute his weekly rituals.

Therefore, the “productivity” factor gets demoted because it is somewhat interrelated to work vs. rewards formula. If you are getting things done on time – and rewarded for that matter, your productivity will increase.

“Rewards” are in the form of a mere node of approval from your superiors, or something more on the lines of an appreciation gift.

Our Obsession with Productivity Blogs

Technology is rapidly evolving businesses as time passes by. Each week, several businesses are birthed by founders & co-founders, while half of them don’t get to see the light of the day. The “other half” of the business world, as experts like to interpret it that way, relies heavily on all things productivity.

It has led managers to only one major question i.e. how does a business, or a startup become more productive in the least time-consuming manner?

Training seminars and paperback books on the topics associated with productivity are a good idea to start with. The problem is that these two methods have become redundant and time-consuming.

People want to consume knowledge and information on any topic within a record amount of time. Therefore, we delve into the world of productivity blogs on the internet. They are short, crisp and to the point.

You can go through a single productivity blog in maybe 10 – 15 minutes; jot down the key points and try to implement them into your practical work life.

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Use Case: The nTask Blog

For instance, we wrote an excellent piece on the Pomodoro Technique and Apps for this very purpose. Since time management and workflow are also part of productivity, our readers reportedly sufficed to an exponential level after reading that post.

In the management world, anything that takes productivity to the next level is like a “cure to cancer.” Plus, all or the majority of the content is free at different productivity blog websites. The only “catch” is that no one is going to make you learn those techniques.

You are your own mentor at the end of the day – and it’s not just about learning from productivity blogs only if you are an IT professional.

Think about slicing down those extra 5 minutes from your one-mile sprint next time; or how about trimming business expenses by an extra 15%? These are all great examples of acquiring skills through modern productivity blogs on the internet.

The Best Productivity Blogs of 2023

These productivity blogs are not only insanely popular, but they are also regularly updated to help readers with increasing their workflow. By “work” we are not just emphasizing on the professional aspect of your life; it could be something you are trying to deal with, but always come up a little short.

Key Characteristics:

  • All the productivity blogs on our list have high-quality insights
  • These blogs focus on different areas of productivity in an attempt to create a better version of you
  • The takeaways are always in the form of actionable advice

Regardless, you should visit the appended productivity blogs in your free time. Now would be the right decision to bookmark this post, or save it for later for a couple of revisits. The following productivity blogs are littered with numerous content pieces that reportedly redefine life goals, work ethics, and sportsmanship in an entirely new manner.

1. nTask Blog

Top of the list, we have the nTask Blog. Besides being the user’s favorite project management tool, nTask strongly leans on increasing productivity through various insightful blog posts. We have a dedicated section with specific content pieces to help develop that particular side of your work-related, or profession related skills.

The four main categorical divisions of nTask’s blog are appended below:

You can either go to the main blog section to get a gist of things or scroll through each of the aforementioned sections for a more redefined reading experience. Although the “product” section is strictly based around nTask related updates and other varying components, sometimes we do recommend tools for a solid productivity boost.

Key Blog Posts:

  • App Logo
  • nTask is a perfect project management tool

    Use it for personal or team productivity. nTask is free and includes unlimited tasks and checklists.

2. Lifehacker

Lifehacker is literally the boiler room version of the internet. Office goers, average Joes, aspiring entrepreneurs and all sorts of people hang around the weblog to get a glimpse of productivity.

According to statistics, Lifehacker has not only maintained decent readership over the last few years, but it also surmises as a place for people to share tips, life hacks, productivity dos and don’ts, etc.

Right now, Lifehacker is one of the best productivity blogs with itemized content for readers from all walks of life.

3. Dumb Little Man

Dumb Little Man was founded by web blogger: Jay White as a place to rant. He’d share his personal experiences and deductions for everyone else to comment on. Some people got inspired, others shared their own anecdotes.

As a result, the blog became a central hub for productivity and life-oriented stuff. If you are a Steve Pavlina fan, you will love Jay White’s Dumb Little Man.

4. LifeDev

Although LifeDev has a minimalistic design that might not pique your interest at first visit, there’s a lot more to this productivity blog. The masthead says it all, “Anyone can have an idea. Making it happen is a whole other challenge.”

If you are struggling to become more productive in life, be it chores or your professional work routine, this blog has oodles of content.

The writers regularly update it with different topics every other day. All the more, you will get away with several useful tips on finishing projects – especially when adversity takes the worst possible swing at you!

5. 99U

Success is 99 percent you, and 1 percent genius! We didn’t just make it up; Thomas Edison once said it. He was right; success is normally always a rebound from all the hard work we do day in; day out. At 99U, it is all about instilling inspiration through different practical examples.

This productivity blog is not just all crass n’ talk, there’s plenty of applicable examples for you to try out.

Other than that, 99U has a strong focus on honing creativity. You will eventually feel overwhelmed with creative inspiration if not least inspired to do anything else!

6. The Digital Project Manager

The Digital Project Manager is run by Ben Aston and his team – it was found in 2011. This productivity blog stresses an overlay on the modern aspect of doing more in less time duration. The content chucks out conventional management formulas only to replace them with productivity hacks that work in the new millennial.

Since projects are cohesive to a dedicated timeline, it is crucial to complete them in an orderly fashion. If you can further enhance your productivity, you are going to be hailed at the workspace for that.

Digital Project Manager will ensure project completion alongside perfect harmony with your business goals.

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7. Keep Productive

Besides offering a sleek visual appeal, Keep Productive is the latest version of how a productivity blog should be. We particularly liked the “feel” of it; you are just compelled to read blog after blog just for the sake of it.

The content focuses on productivity-enhancing software, podcasts from industry leaders, a weekly update of different productivity ritual reviews – so on and so forth. You should also check their YouTube channel; they have productivity videos on the rollout for people who need a little nudge in the right direction.

8. Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Now that’s a productivity blog with some witty comment. The name’s a big giveaway, but while surveying the website, we dug up a lot of interesting articles.

Barking up the Wrong Tree hits different angles of productivity through professionalism and neuroscience (hey if your brain is working to max capacity, you know you are going to be more productive).

In addition, the neuroscience answers to your problems are broken down to a very reader-friendly manner. Some say that the articles are irresistible – therefore, visit the blog in your spare time. Develop a schedule and revisit for a tinge of inspiration in your life.

9. MakeUseOf

MakeUseOf is one of the best technology-oriented productivity blogs. Most of the staff members at nTask are already hooked to it since that blog is lined up with all sorts of articles.

MakeUseOf “makes” regular use of ‘How to Articles’ ranging from helping readers to fix minor PC, mobile and iOS-related issues, to more complex gadget problems.

Likewise, this blog rounds up a list of different trends on the internet. For instance, their ‘100 Best Websites on the Internet’ gained infamy for recommending some really cool online portals for tech aficionados.

Don’t forget to check out MakeUseOf’s ‘Free Stuff’ section.

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10. Marie Forleo

Motivational speaker, Marie Forleo maintains her online readership through a productivity blog. It is of the kind portal – not like those where traditional motivational speakers feature big words and flamboyant speech styles.

Marie’s takeaway on productivity is about sharing life experiences in an energetic mood-lifting manner. Going through her blog is the metaphoric version of sipping your favorite brand of caffeine in the morning.

Also, celebrity interviews are guaranteed from time to time. Mind it, they are not fake paid interviews. Go check out Marie Forleo at your earliest convenience.

11. Get Rich Slowly

Founded by J.D.Roth in 2006. Get Rich Slowly is a blog for entrepreneurs that want to get personal and financial freedom. The articles on this blog will teach you how to get productive and manage your finances in an optimized way.

The editor of Get Rich Slowly shares tips on how to save money, get out of the debt, and how to invest in a productive manner. Moreover, the articles also talk about the personal and professional development that can improve your financial condition. The popular categories for this blog are earning money, money basics, how to spend wisely, investment, money mindset, and money tools.

12. Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt grabs the attention of his readers by sharing personal and professional life success tips. If you want to succeed in health, relationship, intellectual growth, hobbies, passion, productivity, then this blog generates content for you. It talks about a multidimensional success that improves the lives of everyone around you.

Michael was CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers and bestselling author on entrepreneurship. He usually talks about his personal success stories to help aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals to get success in life.

13. Zen Habits

Zen Habits is founded by Leo Babauta. In this blog, he talks about the simplicity and mindfulness he achieved by changing his habits. He worked out how he can focus on important and motivate himself to build creative things. He shares his insights in his article and his personal experiences.

Leo has written five books on how changing habits he can get more done and become successful. He also offers masterclass training, namely; Seachange, Fearless training, and Fearless mastery.

14. The Muse

The Muse offers its readers with career-based productivity tips. If you are looking to grow your career and find a dream job then The Muse will help you out throughout your career path. You can get practical advice on how to find the desired job, succeed in your professional career and explore unique career paths.

This blog gives authentic advice from career bloggers and expert coaches to build a better and skilled workforce. You can get help from there content to better yourself at and move up the career path with adaptable tips.

15. Tim Ferriss Blog

You might have heard about Tim Ferriss’s best-selling Four-hour Work Week. He is listed as Fast Company’s ‘Most Innovative Business People’ and Fortune’s ’40 under 40’. He is a tech investor and advisor to some renowned tech companies such as Uber and Facebook. He contributes to top magazines such as Fortune, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

Tim’s blog offers diversified content that can help almost everyone to achieve more and get productive. The popular blog categories of his blog are; entrepreneurship, career, 4-hour case studies, and mental performance. You can listen to the famous podcast of Tim which is named ‘The Tim Ferriss Show’.

The Rise of an Efficient, Productive Mindset

Back in 1913, the industrial revolution was at the verge of a big change. You should check out Henry Ford’s documentaries; the way he innovated the automotive industry with brand new ideas. Henry reformed productivity through a different approach.

It is probably associated with the fear factor involving paybacks to investors, but Henry increased his car production speed by tenfold. Likewise, other people like Mankins, Ray Croc, Peter Drucker, and many golden era CEOs adopted those productivity hacks to their advantage.

For entrepreneurs and IT professionals, productivity is essentially intertwined with efficiency. Find out what intrigues you to do the most in your work life through the aforementioned productivity blogs.

Good luck and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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