23 Best Marketing Project Management Software of 2023


As a business marketer, you must be juggling a range of different aspects. Depending on your organization and your strategy this could include digital marketing, advertising, content marketing, and public relations to name a few.

This could prove to be overwhelming, risking your overall marketing strategy and organizational goals to be left behind.

This is where you can use different project management software to help you manage your marketing strategy and keep you on top of all your tasks.

However, with so many project management software to choose from, the decision can become quite daunting and confusing.

That is why we have put together this list of the best project management software available that would be perfect to help your marketing needs.

What Are the Marketing Project Management tools?

Marketing Project management software is a tool that helps you to organize your work processes, communicate with your team, and manage your projects all in one location. A marketing team could benefit from a system that keeps a complete record of dynamic information and consumer interactions while keeping everyone on the same page.

This software might be a marketing management app, cloud-based software, or a web-based program, with the primary goal of providing your team with total cohesion and collaboration in a well-organized environment.

What Is the Purpose of a Marketing Project Management Tool?

Project management software simplifies the life of marketing teams by removing the major roadblocks to completing their daily work. The best project management software includes a plethora of features that enable you to effortlessly classify, organize, schedule, track, plan, and communicate. Marketing project management software can help you with the following tasks:

  • Tasks must be assigned and tracked.
  • Maintain a record of the team’s performance.
  • Cross-time zone communication between team members and clients.
  • Track project progress against time data.
  • Routine tasks should be mechanized.

Benefits of Using Marketing Project Management Software

Before we get into the best project management tools that can help your marketing needs, you may still be on the fence about whether you need to invest in such a tool in the first place.

So, here are just some of the benefits you can gain from using a project management tool for your marketing needs.

The first biggest advantage of using a project management tool is that you gain a proper overview of your team’s work and that of the project.

You can gain a visual view of your team’s capacity and what work they are doing so that you and your team do not overcommit.

Moreover, you can also get real-time updates on any changes that may occur both regarding your team’s availability and project capacity.

Another advantage of using a project management tool is that you can easily streamline your invoicing.

Many project management tools give the ability to create either estimate or log billable hours which can help you in invoicing your clients.

Such features usually connect to timesheets which also serve to see the productivity of your team and monitor if any team member needs any help to be more efficient or productive in their work.

Apart from invoicing, overall organizing, and getting an overall view of your project with a project management tool you can ensure that all your relevant information and documents are within a single platform.

With project management tools, you can keep any documents or files you have in a shared place that is accessible to all your team members.

This file management allows you to not only be centralized and avoid having to juggle between multiple apps, but it also ensures that your team can easily collaborate, see progress, and get feedback.

These are just a few of the benefits you can gain from investing in marketing project management software.

Features to Look Out for in Marketing Project Management Software

With so many available software to choose from, you want to make sure you pick the one that will work best for you and your team.

In this consideration, you should consider which features are essential for your marketing project management software.

A very important consideration, therefore, is ensuring that the software that you choose can help you replace the slew of other tools that you use so that everything related to your marketing strategy and campaigns can be consolidated within one platform and you are not juggling between an army of other SaaS tools.

Such software will help you have complete control over your work management system while simultaneously streamlining your workflow for you and your team.

This will not only ensure you avoid confusion or things slipping through the cracks, but it will also save you a load of money on all the subscriptions you are taking.

In our top picks we have tried to ensure that the following features are included:

  • Project Management Features: Project management and task management features are important. You need things like Gantt charts to help you get an overall view of how your project and your team are progressing.
  • Task management features: Help you create and assign tasks to your team so you and your team can work towards your organization’s overall goals.
  • Expense Tracking and Time Tracking Features: As mentioned above a great way to benefit from project management tools is the way they can aid in invoicing. To do that, however, the software needs expense tracking and time tracking features.
  • Resource Management Features: A great feature to have is resource management which allows you to see the capacity of your team and where and when a team member is available to take on work or when your team is over-committing. Knowing such details can allow you to avoid missed deadlines or failed goals due to insufficient resources.
  • Real-Time Updates: Having instant updates on project statuses, any deliverables, and any changes to task progress can help you stay on top of your marketing strategy.

These are just a few features that are advantageous to have in the marketing project management software you choose.

So, now let’s look at which are the best project management software for marketing agencies.

Best Marketing Project Management Software for Robust Marketing Campaigns in 2023

1. nTask


Our top pick has to be nTask, and that is because of the versatility the software provides with its feature-rich platform while still being simple to use.

The software has different customizable options and multiple features that you can adapt to the way your team functions.

nTask offers the full range of project management tools including things such as an interactive Gantt chart module, time tracking, and timesheets, real-time updates with reminders, notifications, and task management features including things such as recurring tasks to automate your workflow, and many others.

Check out the website for the full list of features and what the tool has to offer.


  • A basic plan is available free of cost
  • A premium plan for $3/month, per user
  • The business plan is for $8/month, per user
  • nTask also offers an enterprise plan which you can contact to get a quote on
  • App Logo
  • Use The Best Marketing Project Management App.

    Manage all your tasks, projects, team collaboration and more in one place. Sign up today!

2. Asana


Asana is another great project management tool that provides an intuitive platform for your work management.

Asana claims that the software can help you and your team to stay focused on your goals, including the project and tasks you and your team members are working on. This is great if you consider the number of tasks that marketing involves.

With Asana you can use the Portfolio feature to help you track and monitor the status of your project and tasks which can help you easily report progress and also helps keep strategic initiates on track.

Check out their website for their full feature list.


  • A basic plan for free
  • A premium plan for $10.99/month, per user
  • A business plan for $24.99/month, per user
  • Contact provider for a quote on their enterprise plan

3. Wrike

Wrike Home

Wrike is a work management software and allows teams a single platform where they can streamline workflow, gain visibility, collaborate and communicate, as well as simplify planning.

With Wrike you can gain insight into the progress of your entire project with their Gantt chart feature, this also allows you to see the project’s deadlines and know how your team is progressing.

Moreover, with the software, you can break large projects down into manageable pieces which is great when you consider a large marketing strategy. Team members can easily track their individual list of priorities so that nothing is left.

Check out other features on their website.


  • Free plan for the use of up to 5 members
  • Professional plan for $9.80/user, per month
  • Business plan for $24.80/month, per user
  • Contact for enterprise plan

Check this out:

Wrike Project Management Tool Review: A Champ You Need in 2023

4. Clarizen


Clarizen is the next software on our list. This work management solution and collaborative enterprise are aimed at getting your team to be focus driven, increase effectiveness, while also improving response time.

Clarizen’s overview of projects allows you to easily check the status of multiple projects without having to delve into each project’s complexities and details. With this view, you can also get a visual of all your available resources.

The software also provides marketing reports in the sense of real-time data. As a team, you can gain access to detailed reports that make it easy to assess the value of marketing activities.

For other features check out their website.


  • Clarizen has an Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition. Contact the provider for a quote.

5. ProofHub

Proofhub home

With ProofHub you can use workflows and boards to streamline the way you assign tasks to your team members.

With this software, as a project manager for your marketing team, you can easily manage your projects as well as the communication between your team.

The tool thus helps in getting more accountability while letting teams be more productive and efficient and thus meeting project delivery time.

For more features check out their website.


  • Essential plan for $45/month
  • Ultimate control plan for $89/month

6. Monday.com


Next up is Monday.com. This tool is great to help you organize your marketing strategy and keep you on top of all the elements of your work not just in the features it offers but also in the way it is designed.

The software offers features such as project and resource management modules as well as features that allow you to easily collaborate with team members.

Furthermore, with the software, you can take advantage of project reporting dashboards that allow you to keep track of your team’s progress.

Check out their website for more information.


  • A basic plan for $8/month, per user
  • A standard plan for $10/month, per user
  • The pro plan for $16/month, per user
  • Contact the provider for a quote for the enterprise plan


Asana Vs Monday Vs nTask: Which Project Management Tool Is the Best?

7. ClickUp

ClickUp App

ClickUp is another project management tool that is great for helping you manage your marketing tasks, campaigns or projects, and clients within a single platform.

The software has customizable views that you can adapt to the needs of your individual teams and help you visualize marketing strategies and accounts. You can choose from lists, Gantt charts, Kanban Boards, calendars, etc.

Check ClickUp.com and check out how else you can use the project management tool for your marketing team.


  • Free plan
  • Unlimited plan $5/month, per member
  • Business plan $9/month, per member
  • Contact provider for enterprise plan

8. Screendragon

ScreenDragon Marketing project management

Screendragon is our next pick for being a great project management tool that is both customizable and flexible to help you manage your marketing campaigns and strategies.

Screendragon provides a single solution for all your needs and covers all aspects of marketing project management.

With the software, you can easily plan your projects, use the SOW creation features, resource management, budget management, reporting features, and much more.

Check out their website for more information.


  • Screendragon’s pricing depends on the number of users that wish to use the software.
  • You can access the software starting from $40/user/month for 50-149 users

9. Ravetree


With Ravetree you can take advantage of an award-winning project management tool that was created for creative and digital agencies.

Ravetree offers a wide range of features including project management features, resource planning capabilities, digital asset management, time and expense tracking, as well as CRM.

Check out their website for more information on what the software has to offer.


  • Ravetree starts at a price plan for $29/month when you take the yearly plan.

10. Hive


Hive is another project management tool that is used by teams at Google, Uber, Starbucks, and more.

With this software, you are provided a space to connect all your work elements so that you and your team can work faster and more productively.

With features such as flexible project layouts, resource management, communication, and collaborating tools it is a great software to consider to help you meet your marketing goals.

Check out their website for more information.


  • You can access Hive for $12/user, per month
  • Or choose to contact them to find out more about their enterprise plan
  • App Logo
  • nTask is Top Marketing Project Management App.

    Manage all your tasks, projects, team collaboration and more in one place. Sign up today!

11. FunctionFox


Up next is FunctionFox the project management tool that is ideal for creative professionals.

With FunctionFox you can organize all elements of your project from a single platform. You can streamline your planning, communicate with your team easily and efficiently, keep track of multiple projects, and ensure you meet all your deadlines.

With the software, you can also ensure your team is working on tasks that require their full attention and reduce admin time as well as improve workflow.

Check out their website for more features they have to offer.


  • The Classic plan for $5/month, per user
  • The Premier plan for $10/month, per user
  • The In-house plan for $20/month, per user

12. Filestage


Filestage is a marketing project management tool that helps marketing departments and agencies to do amazing work. The tool is a one-stop shop for project managers to complete digital projects in one place. The tool makes it easy for internal and external stakeholders to share, comment, and approve marketing content.

It is a renowned annotation and proofing tool to improve the approval and feedback process for creative and marketing teams.

Check out their website for more features offered to the marketing team.


  • Starter- Best for teams that like to keep things simple – $89/month
  • Pro – Best for teams with more content to review & approve – $219/month
  • Enterprise – Best for large teams that need maximum flexibility and control

13. ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project

ProProfs is an all-in-one powerful tool that helps deliver high-yielding multiple marketing campaigns with ease. Set campaign start and end dates, allocate resources, and prioritize tasks, all on one dashboard.

Collaborate with your design, product, sales, and other teams using the tool’s comments and @mention functionality. Get a bird’s eye view of all your tasks, subtasks, and deadlines at a glance. The tool also helps in generating hassle-free project invoices for your clients. Task management, resource planning, and time tracking are a breeze with ProProfs.

Check out their website for more marketing-related features for campaign success.


  • An Essentials plan for $2/user/month
  • A Premium plan for $4/user/month

14. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork projects

If you are dealing with a team that is separated by physical location, Teamwork Projects may be the project management tool just for you.

To meet your marketing strategy and the organization’s goals you need to ensure your team is on the same page, and Teamwork Projects can help you do just that.

With Gantt charts to visualize milestones and track your deadlines and schedules, communication features to keep the team collaborating efficiently, and team member status updates you can easily stay on top of all your work.

Check out Teamwork Projects for more details.


  • Free plan
  • $10/month/user Pro plan
  • $18/month/user Premium plan
  • Enterprise plan

15. Workamajig


Our next pick for the best project management software for marketing agencies is Workamajig.

Workamajig is a software that provides a single collaborative platform for creative, media, client management, accounting, and other departments.

With the software, you can access features that include templates for accurate estimating, the ability to create accounts receivable aging reports, resource planning tools, the ability to see prospects in your agency’s pipeline, and more.

Check out their website.


  • Pricing plans are dependent on the number of users you will have.
  • You can access the software at $50/month, per user for 5-9 users.

16. Basecamp


Basecamp is another popular choice for teams that are looking for a simple and easy-to-use task management tool which combines communication features.

Basecamp offers feature-rich software including tools such as separate screens for managing projects with a client, chat functions and message boards, reports on the team’s capacity and project performance, and task management tools.

Check out their website for more information.


  • Basecamp personal for free
  • Basecamp Business for $99/month

17. Workfront


Workfront is a marketing system that helps you maintain organizational productivity as well as transform marketing and creative operations.

With Workfront you can manage projects, assign tasks, set priorities, as well as keep any stakeholders up to date and in the loop.

The software also offers the ability to simplify the review and approval of creative and content work.

Check out Workfront.com for more.


  • Contact provider for quotes on their pricing plans
  • Workfront offers different pricing plans including a team plan, pro plan, business plan, and enterprise plan.

18. WorkflowMax

Workflow Max

WorkflowMax defines itself as a creative agency project management software and therefore had to make it onto our list.

The software claims to transform your creative business by allowing you to get a real-time view of your profitability and capacity. You can get up-to-date both in the office and even on the go.

The software is a feature-rich project management system with the additional ability to manage finances, billing, productivity, sales, and leads.

Check out their website for more information.


  • Standard plan starting at $20/month
  • Premium plan starting at $70/month

19. Zoho Projects

Zoho projects

Zoho provides a range of tools for different teams including HR, finance, sales, and more.

Zoho Projects in particular is a project management tool that provides your team with a platform where they can manage their tasks, track progress, and communicate efficiently.

Features offered in Zoho projects include but are not limited to the calculation of billable and non-billable hours, project chat rooms, and project timelines identifying both planned and actual dates.

Check out their website for more information.


  • Zoho’s pricing plans depend on the number of projects you are working on.

20. FunctionPoint

Function Point

FunctionPoint is an agency management solution that is catered toward creative teams.

The software provides tools for multiple departments including accounting, client services, and creativity to name a few.

You can use features like task management, financial reporting and invoicing, and project and task dashboards.

Check them out here.


  • Starter plan for $45/user, per month
  • The standard plan for $40/per user, per month
  • Pro plan for $38/user, per month
  • Contact for a quote of their enterprise plan

21. Brightpod

brightpod - best project management software

Brightpod is the next project management tool on our list.

This software is a project management and time tracking tool that was designed with digital marketing and the creative team’s needs in mind.

You can create custom workflows, log time per task, make recurring tasks, and view your project on dashboards or in calendar views.

Check out their page for more information on the features they offer.


  • Professional plan for $29/month
  • Studio plan for $59/month
  • Agency plan for $99/month
  • Agency plus plan for $199/month

22. Clients and Profits

Clients and Profits

Clients & Profits is software that was made specifically for creative businesses.

With the software, you can easily manage everything to do with your marketing team including people, projects, money, and media.

Check out their website for more information since the tool is more of a business-oriented solution, rather than a mass marketing app.


  • The package is starting at $9/month

23. Trello


Trello is one of the best marketing project management software with over 50 million registered users. Managing a marketing campaign requires you to keep the whole team on board and on track.

Did you know that Trello not only made it to Fortune 500 but also stands out due to its simplicity? Interesting, right! Trello helps you to prioritize your tasks with its cards and lists feature. Moreover, Trello Bulletin Boards help to organize your thoughts and be more innovative with your marketing campaign. In addition, Trello also has other features.


  • Free – For individuals and startups
  • Standard- $5 per user/month billed annually
  • Premium – $10 per user/ per month billed annually
  • Enterprise $17.50 per user /per month billed annually


We handpicked this software for its marketing prowess; there’s plenty more where it came from.

Don’t forget to bookmark this post for future updates. We’ll be sharing mind-blowing insights into marketing management PM tools soon.

Until then, stay tuned and good luck with your project management ventures.

See you at the top!

Marketing Project Management Software FAQs: 

1. What is a marketing project management tool?

Marketing Project Management Software is software that allows you to plan, collaborate, and track the progress of marketing initiatives. It aids in campaign planning, task management, baseline management, workload management, time monitoring, team cooperation, and other similar activities.

2. What are the best marketing Project management tools? 

Best Marketing Project Management Software for Robust Marketing Campaigns in 2023

  1. nTask
  2. Asana
  3. Wrike
  4. Clarizen
  5. ProofHub
  6. Monday.com
  7. ClickUp
  8. Screendragon
  9. Ravetree
  10. Hive
  11. FunctionFox
  12. Filestage
  13. ProProfs Project
  14. Teamwork Projects
  15. Workamajig
  16. Basecamp
  17. Workfront
  18. WorkflowMax
  19. Zoho Projects
  20. FunctionPoint
  21. Brightpod
  22. Clients and Profits
  23. Trello

3. Is project management beneficial in marketing?

Long-term efficiency improvements for marketing teams are encouraged by project management. Each project, for example, has a framework that can be changed and utilized for future initiatives. You can utilize the assessment phase’s lessons to improve your decision-making.

4. What are the benefits of using marketing project management tools?

A project management tool allows you to rapidly create a task hierarchy for efficient and successful completion. It also allows you to specify which activities are sequential and which tasks are interdependent. As a result, the team’s mission becomes easier to do.

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