10 Best Invoicing Software to Use in 2021

If you are looking for invoicing tools and programs then this post will tell you about the 10 best invoicing software to use in 2021.
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    The world has been moving in the direction of being ‘paperless’ for more than 60 years now. When this movement started in the ‘60s, Electric invoicing solutions became the talk of the town. This was the game-changing tool that the businesses needed and within the next three decades, this movement changed the world forever.


    Over the decades the demand for these solutions increased which lead to electronic invoicing software being coded and all of the major complexities, mainly speed and performance capabilities of software became better day by day.


    In this article, we have gathered 10 amazing invoicing software that can take care of any type of business in the market whether it may be big or small.


    This is all well and good, but you might be wondering whether one of these might fulfill your needs and requirements. After all, these software are not cheap and a wrong selection can cost you a lot of money for no apparent benefit.


    Let us dive right in and let you find out which one of these is best for you.


    Best Invoicing Software to Use in 2021


    1. FreshBooks




    FreshBooks is certainly one of the best invoicing software available on the market right now. With over 5 million businesses in their circle, they are the perfect fit for small businesses that want to make their mark by taking on bigger and more demanding invoicing activities.


    The application is incredibly useful for Freelancers that want their businesses a more professional look. Why? Because the whole invoicing process is quite quick and simple when it’s done on FreshBooks.


    The software also has a handy mobile version that is useful when you are on the go and want to quickly generate some invoicing operation.


    Key Features

    • Automatic expense import
    • Personalized thank you emails
    • Reminders & late fees
    • Customizable due dates
    • Automatic tax calculations
    • Receipt attachments
    • Collaboration tools
    • Client relationship feed
    • Google apps add-ons
    • Time tracking by project
    • Customized invoices
    • Credit card processing
    • Request deposits
    • Apply discounts to invoices
    • Duplicate Invoices
    • File sharing
    • Profit & Loss
    • Contact management
    • Due date tracking
    • Billable hours



    • Free
    • Lite: $15/month
    • Plus: $25/month
    • Premium: $50/month


    2. NetSuite ERP


    NetSuite ERP


    NetSuite ERP is an invoicing software that was developed with adaptability and scalability in mind. This software allows businesses to streamline all of the activities as they expand.


    The software is a behemoth when it comes to automating different business activities like fixed assets, inventory management, financial management, billing, and many other services.


    This automation feature enables you to properly focus on your core business activities more so that you can adapt to new opportunities coming your way while avoiding any possible risks.


    The invoicing feature of this software is a valuable part of its framework. This means that all of the subscriptions, transactions, and projects related to the company or business are natively connected to the billing engine which makes the whole financial flow seamless.


    Key Features

    • Order-to-Cash
    • Procure-to-Pay
    • Flexible Depreciation Management
    • Fixed Asset Roll forward
    • Flexible Payment Acceptance
    • Fraud Prevention
    • Demand Planning Engine
    • Supply Chain Intelligence with MRP
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Inventory Visibility
    • Audit Trail Visibility
    • Tax Management
    • Workflow Management
    • Integrated Financial Reporting
    • Global Ready
    • Flexible Payment Processing
    • Gross Requirements Inquiry
    • Cost Management
    • Inventory Control
    • Integrated Process Workflow



    • You have to contact the vendor for a price quote


    3. Tipalti




    Tipalti is an incredible cloud-based invoicing software that not only takes care of your invoice automation processes and payment modules, it also does tax compliances for your company as well. The software is a KPMG certified solution that is able to collect US tax forms automatically.


    Furthermore, you can automate and streamline the process of tax report generation that allows your team to perform other important business tasks and not just focus on tax reports.


    Key Features

    • Self-Service Supplier Onboarding & Management
    • 1099/1042-S Tax Prep Reporting & Withholdings Calculations
    • Invoice Processing, PO Matching, & Approvals
    • Payment Methods: ACH, Wire, Prepaid Debit, PayPal, Check
    • Early Payments
    • W-8/W-9 Tax Form Capture & Validation
    • Local/VAT Tax ID Collection & Validation
    • Global Remittance – 190 Countries, 120 Currencies
    • Proactive Payment Status Communications
    • Payment Reconciliation & AP Reporting



    • You’ll have to contact the vendor for a price quote


    4. Zoho Books


    Zoho Books


    Zoho Books is also an important contender in this list that is able to cater to small and mid-sized businesses. It enables all of your clients or customers to pay for everything they buy without ever turning away from your website.


    This feature is a very attractive quality that draws in more users because statistically, the majority of the people that turn away from your website without buying anything, do so, due to complex checkout processes.


    The software creates the most refined and polished invoices as compared to the other software on this list, and that too with just a single click. There are also invoice templates available in the software that further increases the speed of the whole process.


    Key Features

    • API
    • Billing & Invoicing
    • Expense Tracking
    • Invoice Management
    • Multi-Currency
    • Reporting & Statistics
    • Accounting Management
    • Electronic Payments
    • Financial Analysis
    • Invoice Processing
    • Real-Time Data
    • Workflow Management



    • Free
    • Basic: $9/ organization/ month
    • Standard: $19/ organization/ month
    • Professional: $29/ organization/ month


    5. FreeAgent




    FreeAgent is another accounting and invoicing solution for small businesses and Freelancers wanting to give their companies a more professional look. The software’s payroll generation feature gives you the ability to keep all of your invoices in check.


    You can also track all of your expenses through a feature that enables you to take a picture of the receipt and upload it to the software’s database.


    The software has an amazing invoicing process that automates your bill management. It also supports multiple currencies for all of your international payment processes.


    Key Features

    • Send estimates and proposals
    • Automatic bank feeds
    • Expense tracking & management
    • Tax timeline
    • Time tracking
    • Project management
    • Multi-currency invoicing
    • Overview dashboard
    • Balance sheet
    • Recurring invoices
    • Beautiful Invoice templates
    • Simple payroll
    • Fill & file self-assessments straight to HMRC
    • Corporation tax forecasting
    • Submit VAT return in one click
    • Accountant access
    • Payment links on invoices
    • Profit and Loss statements
    • Referral scheme
    • Estimates & invoices



    • Free
    • Subscription: Starting from $20/ month


    6. InvoiceBerry




    InvoiceBerry is online invoicing software that was designed with small businesses in mind. It simplifies and streamlines the entire invoicing process through the creation and easy sharing of professional-looking invoices.


    With InvoiceBerry, you can automate your invoicing by scheduling recurring invoices for your repeat and regular clients as well as create accurate reports for your clients, payments, expenses, tax summaries, and performance. All of our reports can be printed, exported to Excel or saved as PDF files so you can share them with your team or accountant.


    Key Features:

    • Invoicing Dashboard
    • Add payments to your invoices
    • Expense tracking
    • Add multiple users
    • Reporting



    • Solo plan at $15
    • Pro plan at $30


    7. Hiveage




    Hiveage is an online invoicing service for freelancers and small businesses that focuses on ease of use and simplicity. It has an intuitive and powerful set of features that allows you to manage your invoicing without cumbersome accounting processes.


    Hiveage supports a wider range of payment methods than other invoicing software. In addition to popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square, it also supports regional services like SOFORT and iDEAL, which helps you get paid faster from a global customer base.


    Hiveage is available as web-based software as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android, so you can always manage your finances on the go!


    Key Features

    • Create and send invoices
    • Automatic payment reminders
    • Automatic payment receipts
    • Send estimates and proposals
    • Track bills (incoming invoices)
    • Track time, expenses, and mileage
    • Accept payments using multiple payment gateways
    • Save items, tasks, and trips for reuse
    • Manage taxes, discounts, and shipping fees
    • Manage client details
    • Manage team access
    • Detailed financial reports



    • Free for up to 5 clients
    • Subscription: Starting from $16/month


    8. Indy




    Indy is an all-in-one management software that helps self-employed people and small businesses easily manage their invoices. Invoice templates include all the info your clients need and give you the ability to add your personal branding.


    You can link working hours directly to an invoice using the Time Tracker tool and save yourself time. The invoice tool uses the industry’s most trusted online payment solutions, and clients are one click away from paying using the method of their choice.


    Key Features

    • Integrated online payment
    • Direct deposit or via mail
    • Invoice Management
    • Accounting Management
    • Electronic Payments
    • Time Tracking
    • Invoice Processing
    • Workflow Management



    • Free for two invoices
    • Subscription: The Indy Pro Bundle is $5.99 per month


    9. Field Promax


    Fieldpro max


    Field Promax is one of the leading field service invoicing software in the industry. This software provides sufficient support and a sophisticated platform for small and medium-sized businesses to enhance their potential. It comes along with dynamic features like customer management, scheduling, and dispatching, equipment and time
    tracking, work order and team management, reports and dashboard, GPS features, and more.


    The software allows businesses to streamline their work orders and management both on the field and in the office with exquisite features. Their mobile app is the best companion for your field professionals to generate stellar invoices.


    If you are looking for a quick and mobilized invoice service, Field Promax has everything you ever need. Keep your finance on the roll with refined invoices and exquisite field management in your pocket.


    Key Features

    • Customizable invoices
    • Equipment tracking digital version
    • Expense tracking and management
    • QuickBooks integration
    • Estimates and invoices
    • Automate data to the cloud
    • Detailed reports
    • Manage access and authorization



    • Monthly plan starting at $49/month


    10. Medius



    Medius is cloud-based spend management and invoicing software suite that works with your ERP to manage spending, automate routine tasks, and provide insights into making smarter spend decisions.


    This spends and procurement tool lets you choose as few or many software solutions as you need to stay in compliance and keep control over your company’s spend. Medius helps you maximize efficiency in sourcing, procurement, supplier management, contract management, AP automation, and payment automation.



    • Build better supplier relationships
    • Automate vendor communications, benchmarks, and interactions
    • Scrutinize spend performance
    • Access a suite of reporting tools
    • Centralize critical supplier details
    • Reduce risk
    • Keep all important data in one place
    • Allow vendors to self-service their accounts
    • Source the best suppliers
    • Remove bottlenecks
    • Increase throughput and returns
    • Adopt intuitive processes across your business
    • Centralize supplier agreements
    • Collect data in one place



    • Contact Medius for pricing




    Having mentioned the above invoicing tools and programs, we are sure that they are not conclusive. Perhaps you are using an entirely different platform for your invoicing needs. If that’s the case, we would love to hear all about it through the comments section below.


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