Asana Project Management: Will It Help Boost Your Productivity?

asana project management


If you are familiar with task or project management software then you must have an idea about Asana. It is simply one of the most popular project management software that allows you to organize, plan and share your work with the team.


Statistical analysis of the application shows that recently the software raised more than $75 million from various investment firms in order to expand their business and services overseas. It has about 30,000 paying clients with more and more coming in rapidly so that investment is well deserved.


But what if this fame is all hype and nothing more?


The rapidly increasing fame of Asana is due to the software’s performance but also due to the fact that the fundraising money came from big founders from reputable tech companies.


The company was founded in 2008 by Dustin Moskovitz who was one of the founders of Facebook and Justin Rosenstein who was an early employee at Google.


So we now know when the software was founded and how fast its business is growing. Now let’s see how does the software work and what are the benefits associated with the software.


How does Asana operate?




When you use the software, all of the business units or other different entities of the company are separated into various teams. All of the projects associated with the organizations are located inside the team’s module and all of the tasks being worked on get allocated to their respective projects.


Asana also provides you the ability to create different sections that give you a separation among the different levels of the organization. There are filters available to highlight the different development phases of tasks.


For example, if the task is under review and is getting reviewed by the quality team, you can create a section highlighted ‘Under Review’, that will let the rest of the team know that this task is not ready to be released to the client.


Using Asana, the project managers can organize all of the project data and information into a single place. This will help save time that would have been wasted making emails, spreadsheets, and sticky notes. Among different other options, Asana is the easiest to use and the breeziest to learn.


Asana is an incredible application that can be integrated with over 100 applications. Not every software has this many applications in its embedding directory. So, it is an amazing choice for managers and teams alike who are using a handful of tools already.


There is a smart inbox embedded in the software that shows you all of the notifications regarding tasks and messages from your team. This will update you about all of the tasks being done by the team. You can also view all of this in a calendar view.


There are 3 versions of this software that you can work with.

  • Free: This version allows you to get basic searches, archives, and tasks done that makes this version a very basic to-do list that can be used by no more than 15 team members
  • Premium: In this version you get some advanced features like start and end dates assigned to the tasks, unlimited dashboards, reporting and adding unlimited members to the team for $7.50 per user per month
  • Enterprise: If you want to take your project management game to the next level, Asana provides you features like SAML support, priority support and way better data security in addition to data archiving


What are the Benefits of using Asana?


Discussed below are some of the benefits of using this amazing software. Let’s dive right in.

  • Beautiful Interface: With multiple improvements over the last years, Asana has the most distinguished and beautifully interactive interfaces in the market right now
  • Amazing Application for Small Teams: If you have a team of 3 to 5 members, this software will provide the most detailed insight into each other’s tasks and projects
  • Efficient Prioritization: Asana provides you with an easy-to-use prioritization feature that marks the tasks you want to be done quickly as a top priority which will let your team know about the tasks they need to complete right away
  • Simple to-do list: The software consists of some very advanced features but if you and your team want a simple software that becomes a simple to-do list maker then Asana is the perfect choice for you with clear-cut tasks and an interactive drag and drop interface
  • Calendar View: The application also features a calendar view that will let you analyze all of the project and their related tasks according to their associated dates


Some other benefits of this software are:

  • It has an amazing in-app guidance feature that walks you through the whole starting process via a fun tutorial all the way to the most advanced tasks
  • Using Asana is very easy and intuitive even if you are a beginner and don’t want to go through the whole tutorial
  • Based on catering to small teams, the pricing packages of this software are pretty affordable
  • You can share data with many third-party services
  • Security protocols are extremely powerful, so you don’t have to worry about someone tampering with your data.


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What are the chances that Asana will boost Productivity?


After reading the upper mentioned detail about Asana, do you think it can actually help you and your team reach the level of productivity you require? Well, as we know that Asana is an incredible management tool that provides a serene user experience with its exceptional interface.


But is that interface or some amazing project management functionality enough to get the job done for a large company? We think not.


If your company is rapidly growing and you are concerned about innovation, then Asana isn’t the right fit for you because of shortcomings like slow integration of some extremely essential product features and its hidden product roadmap.


And if you are working within a large company, you would still be using popular communication tools like Slack or just regular email, and it would be extremely difficult to get the whole organization to switch over to Asana. So that’s also out of the question.


That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t at least try it out for yourself first and see how it fits your needs and requirements. But if you are browsing for good project management software on the market, try nTask.



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