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11 Best Applicant Tracking Softwares to Use in 2021

Monitor and manage your potential resource pool with these 11 best applicant management software solutions. Number is our all-time fav. Find out why!
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    As we know that the most important resource in the resource pools of our companies is a good employee. Roughly 250 applicants apply for a job opening in a company, daily. So it is a good time for us to discuss some of the best applications to track those applicants.


    The truth about applicant tracking is that it is an extremely tricky affair. On average, less than half of the percentage of the applicants that apply for jobs meet the requirements of the company or the job role, and nearly 70% of the total workforce is not actively searching for employment.


    Which leaves us with a small percentage to play with, and play with them we shall.


    In this article, we are going to talk about the best applicant tracking applications that are capable of helping managers all over the world, to find the perfect candidate for the job that they posted on the market.


    11 Top Applicant Tracking Softwares


    Here is a list of the different applications that we are going to discuss in this article.


    Let’s take a look at all of these applicant tracking applications in detail and find out how they can be helpful to us in making better staffing decisions.


    1. nTask


    nTask Board


    One of the best project management applications that you can use to track all of the applicants that you want to recruit for the project development processes is nTask. The application has an impressive interface where you can track your employees and their tasks and processes.


    You can also perform Gantt charting, risk management and issue tracking related to all of the applicants that you think are going to be a perfect fit for your team, and you want to make sure that every issue related to them is fixed before they become a part of your company.


    Key Features



    • Basic free plan
    • 14-day free trial for Premium and Business plan
    • The Premium plan starts at $2.99/month
    • The Business plan starts at $7.99/month


    • App Logo
    • nTask is the best applicant tracking app.

      Manage tasks, resources, teams, and timesheets all in one place. Sign up today!


    2. Manatal




    Manatal is an intuitive applicant tracking system that allows you to seamlessly keep track of all of the entries that the company is generating regarding applicants. The application uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline the recruitment process and for an easy onboarding process.


    Key Features

    • Automated Candidate Scoring
    • Advanced Search
    • Social Media Recruiting
    • Candidate Contact Information Export
    • Integration with Gmail, MailChimp, and LinkedIn
    • Customizable Structure
    • Quick Keyword Search
    • CV Management
    • AI-Based Recommendations generated on the basis of Artificial Intelligence
    • Available in 90 Languages



    • The application’s most affordable pricing plan is about $15/user/month which will get you started with the application. But if you want a bigger package for your bigger company then you need to pay $35/user/month
    • If you want a custom plan for your team according to your needs and requirements, then you have to contact the company


    3. BambooHR


    Bamboo HR


    BambooHR is one of the greatest applicant tracking applications in the world right now. The application makes the hiring process quite easy for the recruiters and helps them to find the best possible talent for the job that they posted.


    While using BambooHR, the tool is going to help you with a barrage of different features that are extremely useful for improving communication, tracking, and eliminating all of the bottlenecks that haunt the hiring process, and also makes sure that no talented applicant slips through your fingers.


    Key Features

    • Custom Workflows
    • Customizable Email Templates
    • Social Media Recruiting
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • Available on Desktop and Mobile
    • Shareable Job Postings
    • Message Scheduling
    • Built-In Team Collaboration
    • Quick Approvals
    • Custom Offer Letter Templates



    • BambooHR doesn’t offer pricing plans based on the needs of everyone, so if you want a paid pricing plan for your team that will help you in fulfilling your needs and requirements, then you should contact the company, so they can custom tailor a pricing subscription for you


    4. JazzHR




    Another amazing applicant tracking software on the list is JazzHR. The application is the perfect tool for staffing agencies and internal hiring processes that streamline the process of hiring and helps the company grow its resource pool with minimal effort.


    Key Features

    • Social Media Recruiting
    • Candidate Categories
    • Task Automation
    • Reusable Message and Email Templates
    • Access to Dozens of Free and Paid Job Boards from all over the world to find the best candidate
    • Custom Workflows
    • Quick Screening
    • Team Collaboration
    • Email Sync
    • Third-party integrations with applications like Salesforce, Monster, JobTarget and CareerBuilder etc.



    • There are three different plans of this amazing applicant tracking software and the most affordable one that you can get without the full feature set is $39/month


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    5. Zoho Recruit


    Zoho Recruit


    Zoho Recruit application is an incredible applicant tracking software that allows you to manage the recruitment process end-to-end. The application helps you track different talents pretty quickly, interview them and make evaluations based on those interviews, all from the interface.


    Key Features

    • Automated Workflows
    • Smart Searches
    • Resume Parsing
    • Email Marketing and Campaigns
    • Mobile Recruiting
    • Multi-Channel Candidate Sourcing
    • AI-Based Features
    • Bulk Actions
    • Customized Offer Letter Templates
    • Advanced Recruit Analytics



    • Zoho Recruit has three different pricing plans to fulfill your needs and requirements, and the most affordable one is priced at $25/user/month


    6. Infinity




    Infinity is an incredible application tracking tool that can help your Human resources department to bring ease and improvement to the process of growing their teams and different businesses around the world.


    Key Features

    • Customizable attributes
    • Infinite structure
    • Different views to view the information on the interface
    • Templates to help you get started
    • Custom forms
    • Document management
    • Third-party integrations
    • Different sorting mechanisms to find what you want



    • There is only one pricing plan that infinity offers and it’s good for 10 people. Priced at $249/lifetime


    7. Workable




    Workable is a great application tracking software that brings ease to the process of managing compliance and makes sure that all of the applicant interviews are scheduled automatically and the HR is getting approvals seamlessly.


    Key Features

    • More than 700 Job Description Templates
    • Artificial Intelligence Powered Candidate Recommendations
    • Passive Candidates Outreach
    • One-Way Screening
    • More than 70 different Integrations with Hiring and HR Tools
    • Access to over 200 Job Boards
    • Customizable Pipelines
    • Social Recruiting
    • One-Click Interview Scheduling
    • Advanced Reporting and Analytics



    • Workable has a paid pricing plan that can help you fulfill your requirements if you are a mid-tier company (priced at $99/month)
    • The company also offers a custom subscription for small and enterprise-level companies, but you will have to contact the vendor for a custom quote


    8. Bullhorn




    Bullhorn is a robust applicant tracking tool that allows you to interact with any and every applicant that you need to contact to get the right candidate for the job. Let’s take a look at some other features that Bullhorn has to offer.


    Key Features

    • Keyword Searches
    • Interview Scheduling and Tracking
    • Reporting Dashboard
    • Mobile Recruiting
    • Automatic Candidate Tracking
    • Parse and Edit Resumes
    • Passive Activity Tracking
    • Real-Time Candidate Records Update
    • Email and LinkedIn Integrations



    • Bullhorn has many different CRM plans and other features which you can get for a custom quote provided by the members according to your needs and requirements


    9. Smart Recruiters




    Smart Recruiters can easily amplify all of your talent tracking efforts and makes sure that all of the advertising budgets are optimized and all of the best candidates in the market are tracked.


    Key Features

    • Interview Scores
    • Candidate Filtering and Saved Searches
    • Team Collaboration
    • Mass Actions
    • Historical Message Tracking
    • Candidate Statuses
    • Sourcing Dashboard
    • Up-to-Date Candidate Information
    • Scheduled Notifications
    • Template Library
    • The application can be integrated with LinkedIn, DocuSign, and Other HR Systems



    • The pricing plans of these incredible applications depend on the number of employees that you have. Once you have that number, call the vendor so that they can custom create a subscription for you according to your needs and requirements


    10. Recruiterbox




    Recruiterbox another great applicant tracking software that helps you to find the best candidates for the job and drastically improves the candidate-finding experience.


    Key Features

    • Resume and Talent Management
    • Customized Questionnaire Forms
    • Candidate Screening Tools
    • Interview Scheduling
    • Advanced Reporting
    • Career Site Management
    • Duplicate Detection
    • Email Templates and Filters
    • Classified Hiring
    • Collaborative Communication



    • They don’t have any public pricing plans out there for the general customers. If you want a price quote, then you have to contact the company so that they can create one for you according to your needs and requirements


    11. Picked


    Picked Ai


    Streamline your hiring with a platform that does the hard work for you. Picked uses interactive assessments, predictive analytics, and workflow automation to remodel the selection process making it faster, cheaper and bias-free.


    Key Features:

    • Applicant tracking
    • Talent assessment and skill tests
    • Talent sourcing
    • Talent management
    • Task automation



    • Basic: 5 Free tests
    • StartUp: £79 per month
    • SMEs: £159 per month
    • Enterprise £399 per month




    These were our top picks for the best applicant tracking software out there. If you think that we missed some important software, then write to us at and we will look into it ASAP.

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