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7 Benefits of Working as a Team for Successful Project Management

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    October 3, 1951 – When it comes to the prime example of why teamwork is important, I’d like to recall the remarkable “Shot Heard Around the World” incident. It was a historic moment when the benefits of working as a team shone through — That’s when the Brooklyn Dodgers won the Phillies.


    Russ Hodges giving arguably the best live description of the exact moment – “I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! I do not believe it! Bobby Thomson just hit a line drive into the lower deck of the left-field stands, and this blame place is going god damn crazy. The Giants has got a winner! The Giants won it by a score of 5 to 4, and they are picking Bobby Thomson up, and carrying him off the field.”


    nTask is always motivated to hone project management skills. Since I am an Agile Project Manager, part of my responsibility is to orchestrate different activities that lead to team-building experience – for that to work, it is imperative for our organization to have a sense of teamwork. The latter is important for all modern-day IT and non-IT businesses because working as a team benefits everyone in the long run.


    “That’s how the ball rolls at any competitive business environment.”


    benefits of working as a team


    Benefits of Working as a Team:


    The importance of working as a team cannot be outlined in a listicle format. I feel that it doesn’t do justice to the subject matter. Since teamwork embodies many constraints and rewards at the same time, it is impossible to do a write-up with a definite number of benefits for all types of businesses.


    What I’d advise is that you take this guide as a supplementary experience where you can find out why teamwork is essential to success. Eventually, when you apply these reasons to your organization and improvise accordingly, you have a win-win situation for years to come.


    1. A Fulfilling Meaningful Experience:


    As Richard Branson once said, “What matters is working with close friends, people you trust and respect, knowing that if times did turn bad, these would hold together.”


    Richard’s philosophy has always been about thinking and acting outside the box. With bigger companies, it is not possible to hire a few close friends and work at that level. You have so many different ethnicities working under the same roof. If it is a global company, there are different offices situated in different parts of the world.


    However, one of the driving reason behind these organizations of such large magnitude is teamwork. They act like a family when times are tough. Teamwork is a panacea-like so many other variables where successful companies operate on a day-to-day basis. And that’s why it is dubbed a “fulfilling meaningful experience.”



    2. A Synergy of Ideas:


    benefits of working as a team


    One of the key benefits behind ‘why teamwork is important’ logic is associated with the synergy of ideas. You may have heard that famous concept about sharing apples vs. ideas. If you have an apple and I have an apple, it will only be one apple at the end of the day. But if you have an idea and I have an idea, we will have two ideas over the same thing.


    Working as a team benefits everyone. We have extensively written about best mind mapping activities because everyone is involved in sharing ideas. Doing so is important at the start of every project because ideas lead to solutions – and that too from various possible angles that one person cannot possibly think of!


    Working as a team therefore not only resolves obstacles but also improves workflow speed.



    3. Workplace Unity:


    Workplace unity is another strong reason why teamwork is important. Since everyone is connected, it fosters a bond where friendship, loyalty, and understanding strengthen over time. In worst-case scenarios, employees can overcome adversity and other misunderstandings.


    Alternatively, if your entire team has a mutual understanding, you will be willing to overlook your peers’ weaknesses. At times, this single quality can not only keep the company held together but also helps to create a long term professional portfolio.


    I like the fact that Michael Scott, from ‘The Office’, always emphasizes on building relationships. Especially when Michael has to pitch a sales meeting to new clients, he spends well over a few hours just connecting with them. As a result, he’s able to foster a bond with his new clients, instead of the other way around.


    Although Michael does act like a dweeb with his team members, he proves that he cares about them. For instance, there was this one episode where he was the only person who showed up at Pam’s art exhibition. She was moved; the entire audience was captivated when he said, “I’m proud of you Pam.” Such examples are the prime demonstrations of workplace unity and the reason why teamwork is important in the workplace.



    4. It Is a Diverse Experience:


    benefits of working as a team


    If you have been to a large company, you already know that there are people of different ethnicities working under one roof. If we take it a step ahead and expand those offices to different global regions, there are thousands of people working together. Each person has a different background; each person comes from different walks of life.


    Eventually, it creates a diverse workplace atmosphere. It also fosters a very diverse learning experience where people interact with one another. Their maturity level and ability to comprehend grows over time. This diversity factor is an important part of working as a team.


    If you are running a business and you haven’t added a touch of diversity in your human resource, your collective thinking will be blocked in a box. You will not be able to grow. I have seen numerous professional men and women who happen to have an outstanding portfolio, but their maturity level is that of a kid. They are not able to react to certain situations the way you’d expect them to. That’s where workplace diversity plays a history of honing various benefits of working as a team.



    5. Improved Efficiency and Output:


    It goes without saying that if you are working as a team, you will be able to do more work. Given that things are synchronized; there is a minimal communication gap, and everyone’s on the same page, work efficiency also grows.


    In Agile project management, working as a team goes to the advantage of the business. Of course, not all Agile methodologies succeed. Part of the reason is the misconception about the roles of the scrum master and the project manager. Secondly, it takes a few bad apples to bring the project down. Sometimes, underperforming members of the team aren’t identified until the last stages of the project. At that point, it is not possible to bring in a new member, train him, and get him up to speed.


    When teams work together as a group, they can generate more work output – that’s another reason why teamwork is important.



    How to Build High Performing Teams? In 11 Awesome Ways



    6. Work Just Doesn’t Seem Like “Work” Anymore:



    Well, to be honest, this theory does not apply all the time. If you are unfortunate enough to be working at a monotonous place, there’s not a lot you could do. The point is that employees don’t create an organizational culture on their own. It’s the owners’ and team leaders who encourage everyone to form a culture.


    Some of the key benefits of working as a team involve different fun activities. These activities help to build teams; pave the way to success and prosperity. If you haven’t gone through the nTask blog during the last few weeks, here’s a cool post on teamwork activities. It summarizes why and how working as a team benefits the company business.


    If you are in a position to form these policies at your company, plan monthly or bi-annual retreats where employees can just be friends. Everyone will have a chance to open up, form new bonds and perform different hilarious activities. It will be oodles of fun and it’ll also have a long-lasting positive impact on the organization’s cultural norms.



    7. Teamwork Strength:


    Each member of the organization is invaluable when it comes to a particular set of skills. You combine that skill pool, and you get a team that works to its strength. This is another key benefit of working as a team because such individuals contribute to a combined workforce for efficient results.


    Also, there is no stress on one particular person. You can adopt Waterfall model and combine it with an Agile framework to achieve even better results. Tasks are divided among people, and everyone gets to do optimal work without any pressure or whatsoever.



    Using nTask for Successful Project Management




    nTask is an amazing project management software that allows you to manage every little aspect of your project and enables you to achieve success through all of the different project management features it provides.


    The software is loaded with many different features that you can use to help your business if you are a small, medium, or an enterprise-level company.


    The software has an incredible Free trial which you can use to test out all of the different features in real-time which will help you decide whether or not you should purchase it.


    When you are finished with the trial version, the application’s paid subscription is only $2.99, which won’t break the bank at all.


    The software, with all its bells and whistles, is going to help you work as a team for a successful project management campaign.


    Here are some of the features that the software provides.


    Product Features

    • Prioritizing
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    And about a bazillion more… check our website for more details.

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    What Are Your Thoughts on Benefits of Working Within a Team?


    Working within a team reaps tons of benefits, but they are eventually different for everyone. If you would like to share your thoughts on why teamwork is important in the workplace, please share through the comments section below. Alternatively, you can also send us an email to get detailed feedback from our productivity gurus.


    Since teamwork is a non-conclusive ordeal, its pattern will always change from time to time. To keep yourself ahead of the competition, be flexible and willing to adapt.



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