6 Best Business Plan Software and Apps in 2020

Best business plan software


A successful business plan makes a difference between getting your business idea off the ground or never being able to take the flight.


In a nutshell, the ability to write a business plan will convince investors that your idea is worth is easier said than done.


That is where business plan software comes into play.


But there are multiple options to choose from. That is why we have curated this list of our top picks for the business plan software available to you.


However, before we delve further into the subject, you need to know what you are purchasing. Moreover, many programs don’t have the exact features to fulfill the company requirements.


Therefore, it is super-important to know a bit about your would-be future investment before doling out a huge amount of cash.


What is a Business Plan Software?


Many people have come up with amazing ideas over the centuries, but you will find that not everyone has managed to convert these ideas into a valued business.


Why is that so?


The fact is, converting a great idea into a legitimate and convincing business plan is not as easy as one would hope.


It is a mammoth undertaking to create a plan to get your business started, funded, and generating revenue for the business to take off. That is where business plan software comes into play.


A business plan software aims to help you write a business plan that will help you obtain business capital or business loans.


The software is usually aimed at helping entrepreneurs, business developers, and start-ups.


The Criteria for Choosing Our Top Picks


Narrowing down our list to just the top business plan software available was quite a feat, what with there being so many to choose from.


After much research, review, and consideration we managed to limit the list to just the cream of the crop. You may as well label them as ‘crème de la crème.’


Our picks are based on the following criteria:

  • The number of features that each software has to offer
  • Whether the software is easy to use and user-friendly?
  • Pricing: We tried to incorporate software ranging in different price points
  • Reviews of the software from other users
  • The customer support that the software developers offer


Best Business Plan Software


Without further ado, let’s get into our top picks for the best business plan software.


We will go over each tool in detail and discuss its prominent features and the pricing plans available.


However, if you wish to simply go over each in a glance, scroll down below for a concise comparison of all the tools we picked in our overview table.


Let’s get to it.


1. Enloop – Automatically write business plans online.


Enloop business plan software


Enloop is a cloud-based business plan software.


With almost 300,000 users, it is a great option to consider if you want a software that helps you create a plan catered to a bank or an investor in a short amount of time.


With a load of valuable features, Enloop is a tool that can help make the process of making a convincing plan easier and faster.


Enloop Features:

  • AutoWrite and TextSync feature automatically generate basic customized text for your business plan, including 10 of the main sections for any impressive plan.
  • Forecast Modules in Enloop allows you to create a business plan based on one of two different forecast modules. You can choose from an annual or 36-month option, that provides a profit and loss forecast, balance sheet forecast, and cash flow forecast.
  • Financial projections in Enloop allow you to include in your business plan how your business will perform from a financial standpoint.


The tool gathers personal financial information and alongside financial data in the industry. Such features reportedly help to create financial reports and ratios that can be analyzed and used in your plan.


Enloop Pros:

  • Enloop provides great automation for a range of data
  • Along with Auto Write features, Enloop allows multiple customizable options


Enloop Cons:

  • You can only reach their customer support through an online form. Therefore they may not be as easy to reach as other options
  • Certain fields of data required to be filled do not provide enough data to properly understand how to do it


Enloop Pricing Plans:

  • A detailed plan for $19.95/month
  • Performance plan for $39.95/month


2. Bizplan- Build your plan and grow your business




Bizplan helps with your presentation for your business plan. The software incorporates functionality and refined visuals into your plans to make it more memorable.


Bizplan helps you create business plans that are catered to attracting investors and thus be able to acquire finances for your business.


Bizplan Features:

  • Financial projections allow you to incorporate and present a solid financial case for your business idea.
  • Bizplan uses your financial data and provides you with the option to create a range of reports that you can analyze according to either month, quarter or year and allows you to download it to add to your presentation.
  • Bizplan’s Step-by-step builder feature walks you through creating a business plan in an easy to follow manner.
  • Progress tracker tool allows you to understand how much of your business plan is complete, ensuring that you stay on top of your creation and do not miss out on anything important.
  • Templates in Bizplan lets you add elements that include market size and charts, content, advantages, team, reports, and problems.


Bizplan Pros:

  • Assistance is available in Bizplan with easy to follow video lessons.
  • Completion is made easy with templates to facilitate your creation


Bizplan Cons:

  • There is no free trial in Bizplan, so you don’t have an option to see if the tool is right for you before you purchase it
  • Customer support is not provided through a traditional phone call but rather a skype call, that may be of no use to some. There is however an option of live chat which is pretty useful.


Bizplan Pricing:

  • Annual plan for $20.75/month
  • Monthly plan for $29/month
  • Lifetime access for $349/month


3. LivePlan – A business plan software with performance tracking


LivePlan business software


Palo Alto Software’s LivePlan has been in the market for a while and there is a reason that many people still choose it as the best option available.


The software is a complete business planning tool and is loaded with customizable features along with learning resources and online help.


LivePlan Features:

  • Financial forecasting features in LivePlan include walking you through each piece of financial data that will allow you to include all important data in your projection. You can create annual and monthly budgets with this feature.
  • With the Charts and graphs tool in LivePlan, you can convert your financial data into more appealing visual aids.
  • LivePlan offers more than 500 Templates, making it one of the top software in this area. Templates can be used as a guide for your own content or used as is with the specific language already included.
  • LivePlan shows you how your financial projections compare to industry benchmarks that can be used in your business plan.


LivePlan Pros:

  • Includes 500 templates and loads of sample plans
  • The interface is attractive and user-friendly


LivePlan Cons:

  • No free trial version for evaluation purposes
  • Includes limited third-party integrations


LivePlan Pricing:

  • Annual plan for $15/month billed every 12 months
  • 6-month plan for $18/month billed every 6 months
  • Pay as you go option for $20/month, billed once every month


4. GoSmallBiz – The tool that provides everything your small business needs




GoSmallBiz is a user-friendly business planning application that provides step-by-step templates with built-in advice modules.


Founded by Fran Tarkenton, GoSmallBiz allows you to create the exact documents you need as a business owner.


GoSmallBiz Features:

  • GoSmallBiz’s step-by-step wizard walks you through each step of creating a great business plan.
  • GoSmallBiz provides everything you need to create financial statements through the financial projection
  • Create a wide range of reports based on the financial data you input for your business plan giving you an attractive visual aid to bring more attention to your plan.
  • Templates give you a starting point to work off of, to help you with the process of creating a business plan.


GoSmallBiz Pros:

  • Mentoring and business consultations
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


GoSmallBiz Cons:

  • Only exports to PDF formats and Microsoft Word
  • Each subscription is limited to two licenses


GoSmallBiz Pricing:

  • GoSmallBiz provides a single pricing plan for $39/month that you can cancel anytime.


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5. PlanGuru – A leading business planning software




PlanGuru is one of the leading forecasting and budgeting software available. Therefore, it can be seen more as a financial reporting software than a business plan creator.


However, the features offered in PlanGuru have made it land a place in the list of our top picks.


PlanGuru Features:

  • PlanGuru provides tools for financial tools, forecasts, and calculations, allowing you to build an array of analysis reports for your company
  • PlanGuru provides in-built video tutorials to help you navigate not just the software, but also the creation of your business plan
  • PlanGuru provides you with the ability to export reports to Excel, Word, and PDF.


PlanGuru Pros:

  • Provides links to analytics add-ons
  • QuickBooks support is available


PlanGuru Cons:

  • Does not provide sample business plans for you to use
  • Does not provide the option to take a free trial


PlanGuru Pricing:

  • PlanGuru App for $99/month or $899/year
  • PlanGuru Desktop for $99/month or $899/year


6. BizPlanBuilder – The “practical and tactical” business-building roadmap and investor proposal




For over 30 years, BizPlanBuilder has been formally known as JIAN. They later transitioned to a different brand name.


Regardless, the tool is great no matter whether you are looking to create a growth strategy plan or a fundraising one.


BizPlanBuilder Features:

  • Whenever you start a new portion of your business plan, BizPlanBuilder provides an explanation tab and video for your education and guidance.
  • BizPlanBuilder provides a Business plan workshop to help you understand what investors are in search of.
  • Dozens of templates to choose from to get your business plan off the ground.
  • Provides you with the ability to create a pitch deck.
  • Ability to create a 5- or 10-year financial model.


BizPlanBuilder Pros:

  • Predefined text for each section of your business plan is available
  • A variety of templates available to choose from


BizPlanBuilder Cons:

  • Dependent on Microsoft Office to run
  • Often viewed as a time-intensive program to use


BizPlanBuilder Pricing:

  • Free guest account option
  • Subscription for everything at $97/month
  • Strategic planning, start-ups, and growth funding $27/month
  • Employee policies and procedures $47/month
  • Marketing, PR, sales and, social media $37/month


Honorable Mentions


During our time testing and research, certain tools did not make it to the list but still deserve to be considered.


1. Wise Business Plans:


With Wise Business Plans you can take the help of the range of templates available to you, to create your business plan. Although the templates are particularly tailored to funding, they are still useful no matter what type of business plan you are trying to create.


2. Business Plan Pro:


Business plan pro came up quite often when looking over reviews and made us want to check it out too. There is a variety of templates and plans to choose from helping you start your business plan, but then further for planning financials and consultancy services so you do get to know everything.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a business continuity planning software?


Business continuity planning software is a program aimed at making business continuity planning metrics, processes, and compliance more efficient.


This type of software helps businesses to update or create recovery plans, identify gaps in business continuity management, and conduct business-impact analyses.


2. What is some free business plan software?


Sometimes, the budget is limited and therefore you want to consider some free options for creating your business plan.


One such option is what we listed above which is BizPlanBuilder that provides a free plan for your business plan creating needs.


Other such software includes 123Bizplan and Poindexter.




And there you go, everything you need to know about the best business plan software available to you. For future recommendations, don’t forget to bookmark this post.


We will be updating it with juicy content that will help you in creating a solid business plan for any number of projects.



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