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21 Online Jobs You Can Do at Home in 2021

Are you struggling for a stable income source during the ongoing lockdown phase? Here are 18 best online jobs for you to consider.
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    The year 2020 hasn’t been kind to any of us. The professional world took a turn for the worse when many different businesses started to go under, just because of the supply chain issues or other personnel issues due to the coronavirus.


    These issues had their validity too but it all came down to the people, us, not having jobs that we desperately need to pay off our bills and other expenses in our lives. That’s why we need online jobs.


    These jobs are a lifesaver post Corona incident. Since we can’t go out of our houses and have to stay away from public places, it’s worth a shot to switch to a remote career for now.


    The way online jobs work is that you can work from the comfort of your own home and companies will pay good money for your time and effort.


    We know that the people who are set in their ways of having a professional workspace and other office amenities are going to have a hard time adjusting to this lifestyle of essentially working from home and getting paid, but hey, “beggars can’t be choosers”.


    This is why, in this article, we are going to talk about 18 of the best online jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home, in the time of the pandemic, to keep yourself and the people around you safe.


    Let’s take a look at all of those jobs in detail.


    21 Online Jobs You Can Do at Home in 2021


    1. Art Creator


    art creator online job


    Being an artist has not been a very lucrative career in terms of money for the longest time, but in the age of social media and the rise of the consumer economy-culture, you can be an artist and make some fairly good money.


    But you first have to make sure that you have the skill and talent to be the best in your field, and when you have done that, you will surely taste success in a matter of days, rather than years, as it did in the olden times, just because of the awesome power of social media.


    If you are serious about this career, you can check out these different platforms that you can use to monetize your skill and passion.


    2. YouTuber


    youtuber online job


    If you have been alive in 2020 or even in this past decade, then you are bound to know that the coolest profession that can make you quite wealthy, provided that you have good content to engage a respectable amount to fan following, is being a YouTuber.


    The platform has shaped our whole way of thinking about and interacting with different videos that surface all over the internet, every day.


    The content curators were just a handful in number, just a few years back, on the platform, but with more and more people having access to the internet all over the world, everyone quickly realized that they can too, get a slice of the YouTube (Google AdSense) pie.


    If you want to be a YouTuber, then there are a lot of different categories that you can choose from, and get to work. They are:

    • Product Reviewer
    • Vlogger
    • Infographic artist
    • Comedian
    • Gamer


    3. Blogger




    Money-wise, being a writer has not always been the best of careers and online jobs. If you just relied on writing little fluff pieces for the news or if you aren’t drumming up best sellers every year, but in the year 2020, you can get pretty financially stable if you are good with words and are not afraid to use that power.


    There are a lot of different blogging platforms that can help you get the attention you need to make sure that your content is read and shared onwards which helps in getting you a bigger audience for all of your future endeavors.


    An amazing thing about this career is that you don’t have to throw any money at it to make money off of it. You just need the skill and patience to craft something amazing, that tends to grab the attention of the reader and forces them to share it along with the world.


    4. Photographer




    Photography is an amazing profession and has a lot of potentials to make you famous if you have the knack for it and also it can be quite beneficial for you financially, with different applications like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Flickr, etc.


    All of the different social media platforms help you to share your work with the whole world at the push of a button. That simple. You just have to make sure that your work is commendable.


    That will help you gain the attention of the big brands or different other social media handles that would help you make a name for yourself and also pay you good money for your content.


    Apart from that, there are other ways through which you can gain money in the field of photography. They are:

    • Teaching the art of photography to the numerous people around the world that are devoid of this amazing skill
    • Sell all of the different artworks or posters that you design on the internet
    • Selling your photography on different photography marketplaces like iStock, Shutterstock and BigStock


    5. Website Tester


    website tester


    As the world is shifting its focus more and more on the internet, many businesses are shifting their business priorities from essential employee presence to an online one. But when there are so many websites being developed quickly, there are bound to be some issues regarding the running of them.


    This is where a website tester comes in. A website tester is a quality control specialist that makes sure that every element present in the website is functioning and there are no errors when the audience wants to use the website.


    The job is not that difficult and even if you don’t have the experience, you can search the internet and get to know everything that is to know about this profession in a jiffy. After that, you can effectively perform a full test in under 25 minutes and some companies pay up to $10 per test, on average.



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    6. Graphic Designer


    graphic designer job


    Graphics design is probably one of the most ‘happening’ professions on this list. Apart from being a YouTuber of-course. This profession is an amazing one where you can design all of the different pictures, graphics, and artworks, etc, to facilitate all of the businesses around the world.


    This will help you gain popularity and make you a rich person if you have the skill and dedication.



    14 Best Tools for Web and Graphic Designer


    7. Voice Over Artist


    voice over artist job


    Countless marketing videos are being filmed all over the world every day. This is why big businesses spend a lot of their time and effort to make people listen about what their business can do and why they should do it.


    And for that, they need people who have an amazing voice to lure potential customers towards their business.


    8. Consultant


    consultant job


    When you are a part of the professional paradigm for a while now, then you might have a lot of experience regarding many different skills and jobs in the market. Why not share that knowledge?


    These are some examples of the best skills that people want to learn how to do, to be successful.


    9. Virtual Assistant


    virtual assistant- work from home jobs


    We all know what an assistant does, just imagine doing all of that but online. This is one online job that can be quite demanding at times but if you do it right and get the right employer to trust your skills, you can get financially stable in this year of turmoil.


    10. Online Tutor


    online teaching- work from home jobs


    Have the skill to be proud of? Why not share it with a group of people and make them as good as you? Being an online tutor can be quite rewarding because you can see the progress of your students on a daily basis.


    Apart from the financial reward, you can get quite financially stable if you opt to be an Online Tutor.


    11. Affiliate Marketing


    nTask Affiliate - earn money online


    One of the most millennial online jobs of all on this list is affiliate marketing. What this job consists of is that you join an affiliate marketing program of any company you like and you promote them to earn profit per sale. That’s it. Neat isn’t it?


    You should give this one a try if you are a good writer and you have some applications that you would like to promote.


    12. Reseller




    Resellers are the underground detectives, you can say, of all of the valuable things that they can find for cheap on the internet market places or markets in general and sell all of those items for more profit.


    You can make a killing at this online job if you have a knack of finding quality items for less.


    13. Videographer


    videographer job


    Just like photography, you can make a lot of money, making videos on all of the social media platforms that we know, use, and love every day. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and most important, YouTube.


    You can make content on many different things like,

    • Vlogging different places
    • Product reviews
    • Infographic sketches
    • Comedic sketches etc.


    14. Writer/ Proof-reader


    writer- work from home jobs


    If you are good with words, have some spare time, and want to earn money through your vocabulary, then writing or proof-reading can be the perfect profession for you in this lockdown.


    There are a lot of different freelance markets that can help you post a portfolio, based on which you can get a LOT of work.


    15. Language Tutor


    language tutor


    If you have a knack for languages and love to converse to multiple people, and want to earn some extra money, then why not become a language tutor. Doing this, you can help people get on their feet in a foreign land and make their life in a foreign country, a bit better.


    You can work in a freelance marketplace like Fiverr where you post a gig and people will come to you, or you can apply for a proper language tutor job on the internet.


    16. Customer Support Representative


    If you are good at solving issues and don’t mind talking to about 200 people a day, both on the phone and text, then you can try becoming a customer support representative.


    Companies hire CSRs to take care of all of the issues brought up by the client about the service, product, or over-all company. These are the unheard heroes behind the company’s success.


    17. Accountant




    Probably one of the most boring professions on this list, but hey, to each their own, Accounting is an amazing option for you if you have experience in finance or if you are good at math and cramming different financial laws about accountancy in your mind, which you can later project.


    There are a lot of different companies that pay top dollar for accountants keeping their financial records fresh, crisp, and toasty for those auditors.


    18. Social Media Manager


    social media manager job


    Probably one of the coolest online jobs on the list and the most in-depth of them all, social media management is a hefty affair, which you have to take seriously because if you slack off even once, the reputation of the company can plummet.


    That’s why this job is very important for any company because all business recognition depends on the social media presence of the company.


    Only do this, if you are 100% sure.


    19. E-commerce Store Owner


    There are many online stores on the internet. Yes, Amazon, eBay, and Walmart are not the only ones.


    All those different E-Commerce stores have a lot of different people working as product sellers. You can do that too.


    Find the things that you are passionate about and start selling your vision and products to other people so that they can enjoy life a little better.


    Some of the stores that are on the internet right now are:

    • Shopify
    • Magento
    • WooCommerce
    • Etsy


    20. Online Juror


    More often then not, attorneys all over the world need a second opinion or a different vision on the cases that they have going on in different courts. You can be the person giving them the opinion.


    We know jury duty is that appealing in the professional paradigm, as it’s not that appealing as a job. But when you get about $150 for a little bit of your day, it’s not a bad deal.


    21. Travel Agent


    We know that the travel agent doesn’t have much of a “life”, as they are always busy, planning trips for people all over the world.


    But if you like the job role, and you don’t want to go to some office right now because of the pandemic, then you can become an online Travel agent.


    This job role remains the same. You just have to conduct everything; starting from the research and going all the way from communication to actually selling something remotely.


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